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 Orthopaedic Chairs

Posture-Form chair designed to ease back pain

Pack pain and fatique can be a problem in the work environment this orthopedic chair is designed to releive the problem.

Alleviates back pain with its unique patented technology

Angled seat promotes upright posture and puts more pressure through the feet

Side-to-side tilt enables the natural shift of weight, encouraging greater spinal mobility

Seat movement increases core muscle strength to ensure less back pain

Orthopaedic Chair

Alleviates Back Pain

With over 9 million days a year lost through back pain the need for an effective seat in the work place has never been greater. Which is why we have developed the Posture-Form, a new type of work chair specially designed to ease back pain and pressure.

Unique features

The Posture-Form chair has a number of unique features specifically designed to keep your back healthy. Due to poor, prolonged and static sitting position, many people suffer with lower back and hip stiffness. This is because our intervertebral discs, muscle, ligaments and joints of the spine like movement, not continuous load.

Forward tilt

The Posture-Form chair is designed with a forward tilting seat which helps maintain a healthy sitting posture with a good lumbar curve (lordosis). This also has the effect of putting slightly more pressure through the feet rather than through the seat and back.

Side-to-side movement

The Posture-Form chair also has a unique side-to-side dampened rocking feature, which can be deactivated if preferred. This movement ensures a strong sitting position and allows a natural shift of your weight from side to side, letting your back muscles flex and stretch. Pressure on the spinal discs is allowed to fluctuate, reducing the fatigue and pain associated with more conventional static seating.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the Posture-Form chair has proven to ease the discomfort back suffers experience making it the ultimate bad back chair.

Fabric Colours: light grey, charcoal & blue

Option of castors or feet


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